Spares – apologies

We wish to offer an open apology to all of our customers. Due to delays from UK distributors and suppliers (Covid-19 related) we (in fact all bike shops) are experiencing significant delays in obtaining parts and components.

While we endeavour to do everything we can to ensure a quick turn around of your bike, the shortage of components in unprecedented. When accepting a bike for a service we endeavour to keep you informed about timescales but delays may be inevitable.

Please be patient. We feel your pain.

Brake bleeding

If you’ve got hydraulic brakes, you expect them to work right? Of course you do! And when they work, boy are they brilliant!

But to keep them in top notch its recommended that they are bled through regularly and the fluid replaced and it’s often overlooked. This is particularly important for DOT fluids, such as those used in SRAM or Avid brakes, as they absorb water. This means they feel spongy but it happens so slowly you perhaps won’t notice.

This bike came in today for a brake bleed as they just didn’t work. It was returned to the customer fully functional after our Cytech trained mechanic bled them through and replaced the fluid.

Here at PedalTastic HQ, we recommend changing fluid as part of an annual service so you never lose that awesome stopping power and control.

At £20 per caliper – what’s to think about? Book it in now.

Yes we’re mobile!

Unlike most brick and mortar bike shops, you don’t have to leave home or skip off work early to catch us open – we come to you!

Many of our services can be carried out at your premises, from our well equipped van and we carry a wide range of components and spares with us, to get you back on the road.

We use genuine components and all of our work is covered by our satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, neither are we!